Ambit of Products

Paying a great attention to detail, our company has come up with a fantastic array of  equipments each of which matches the clients particular requirements, in a perfect manner.

ADITYA GLASS LINE will manufacture glass lined SPARES and Accessories For, Glass lined Pressure Vessels (Reactors), Storage Tank, RCVD (Rotary Cone Vacuumed Drier), ANF (Agitated Nutch Filter), Column and Condensers.

The goods in which we deal in include-

  • Glass Lined Manhole Covers
  • Glass Lined Hand hole Covers
  • Glass Lined Protection ring
  • Glass Lined Bend ( Elbow ) ( 90 & 45 degree )
  • Glass Lined Tee ( Equal & Unequal )
  • Glass Lined Cross ( Equal & Unequal )
  • Glass Lined Pipes ( All Sizes)
  • Glass Lined Reducers ( Concentric & Eccentric)
  • Glass Lined Reducing Flanges
  • Glass Lined Blind Flanges
  • Glass Lined Pressure Flanges
  • Glass Lined Distance Pieces ( Spacer )
  • Glass Lined FBOV ( Flush Bottom Outlet Valve )
  • Glass Lined Diaphragm valve
  • Glass Lined Below Valves
  • Glass Lined Spindle
  • Glass Lined Pad plate
  • Glass Lined Centre Opening Cover
  • Glass lined PAN
  • Glass Lined Lab vessel (15, 20, 25, 30, 40 & 50 Liter )
  • Glass Lined Pressure vessel (63, 100, 160 & 250 Liter)
  • Glass Lined Repairing & Maintenance Services
  • Glass Lined Repairing Items Mushroom (Customise design)
  • Mushroom (Customise design)

Also deal with Relining (Re-Glass Lining)of all above mentioned items

  • All Above mentioned Items
  • Agitator
  • PAN
  • Top Dishes

We also deal with following Non Glass Lined Items :

  • Split Flanges
  • PTFE Bush
  • PTFE Gasket
  • Glass Flanges

Area of Applications

This Glass Lined products are used in following Industries:

  • Chemicals industries
  • Pharmaceuticals industries
  • Polymers industries
  • Agriculture industries
  • Dye industries
  • Food industries

For Following Reactions

Transport of liquids to gases, Evaporation, Distillation, Extraction, Halogenations (Chlorination, Bromination), Nitration, Condensation, Sulphonation, Oxidation, Reduction, Ammonolysis, Diazotation, Esterification, Hydrolysis, Alkylation, Acetylation, Methylation, Grinard reaction, Friedel-crafts reactions, Polymerization, Crystallization, Cryogenic reaction, Pressure reaction, Suspension, Dispersion and for many other reactions.

Infrastructural Backing

If one sees a vision of reaching the top spot in the industry, they need to satisfy their customers beyond all doubt. Living in a world where technology is acquiring every aspect of a business, a dedicated firm needs to equip themselves with the a state of the art series of machinery so as to manufacture a world class set of  Glass lined spare Parts, Accessories and Pipe fittings, which have an unsurpassable quality aspect.

Quality Assurance

Working towards matching the precise needs of every patron, we devise a set of goods which would not only have a matchless quality constituent, but will also be readily available at market leading prices. Acquiring some of the finest raw materials form certified vendors across the country, our team uses the best technology to process these goods and thus create a distinguished product. We carry out thorough tests on every finished good and make it a point to see that they accomplish the three-tier quality checking system perfectly.

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